Kitty Emergency

A week ago my pregnant Siamese cat gave birth to a very lovely kitten.  We decided to name him “Micky”.  His name was actually derived from the word “miracle”.  We took the first two letters, the fifth one and attached it to letters K and Y.  He is a miracle baby, also he is the youngest I have ever saved from a near death situation several hours after his birth.

When Panda (mother cat’s name) gave birth, Micky didn’t show any signs of weakness.  He actively searched for his mother’s nipple so that he could feed and bond right away.  But several hours after he suddenly displayed detachment, loss of interest to suck milk from his mother and generally looked unresponsive.  Then he was constantly opening his mouth as if he can no longer breath with his nostrils.  I got worried but still I was doubtful if it’s something normal.  I decided to monitor his behavior and he got worse.

Micky suddenly blurted out a loud and high-pitched voice, stretched out his extremities and froze.  I panicked and picked him up from the basket where he and his mother were resting.  I placed him in my palm and turned him to the other side but he literally froze and I instantly realized that he was having a seizure!  I immediately searched the internet and found out that from what I saw he might be suffering from low blood sugar and hypothermia.  Also, I found  an emergency remedy ( makes me want to thank people who started several forums because it really helps)!

So I rushed to the kitchen, grabbed a maple syrup and dabbed it to Micky’s mouth.  Few minutes after he screamed and had another seizure.  I then got an oral rehydrating solution and a dropper so that he can have several drops once in a while.  I also made sure that he was lying on his side while his head was slightly elevated to avoid aspiration.  It was already early in the morning when I decided to rest and made sure he was wrapped by his mother to increase his body heat.

I checked him the following day and he still felt cold.  I wrapped him with a warmed dry towel and bought a formula milk for neonates and infants.  I made him drink the milk by using a tuberculin syringe (thank God I still have my nursing equipment) since I realized that droppers deliver a greater amount so it’s a lot more dangerous for the kitten.  After an hour, I encouraged further bonding with his mother and guided him to one of Panda’s nipples.  I was so happy the moment he opened his mouth and displayed successful suckling.

Now, Micky is already one week old, in perfect health and enjoying his daily naps 🙂

I awfully had a rough night with this baby but it was all worth it.  I just saved this precious little one and made Panda enjoy her motherhood. 🙂